Untangle My Business

siel-667284_1280You are a coach, speaker or author with a growing business and you either have a team or you are in the process of growing your team.

You are a visionary and a creative. The practical and systematic don’t interest you.

Your clients might start noticing soon that the standard of care is dropping because everything is just too complicated.

You are unsure where to begin because your business has so many pieces and parts. You know there is a simpler way to run your business, but as your business grew you just grabbed a solution. Now you need someone to make sense of everything you have going on and fix/troubleshoot it all.

You dream of delegating but you don’t know how to delegate the tangle of platforms, automations, integrations, images, etc.

How I can help

  • You need someone to come in with fresh eyes to isolate and continue what is working best for your business.
  • You also need a team member to help you figure out the best platforms for your business and the stage it is in.
  • You need someone analytical who can strategically approach the business who your business, your brand and your vision.

With the support of a virtual assistant, you will instantly feel the stress leave you. But you can’t just pass this task to anyone. It has to be someone who enjoys solving puzzles, putting pieces together and getting rid of pieces that don’t belong. With the freedom of operations running smoothly, you’ll spend your days basking in the sunshine and dreaming up new and grand visions for your growing business. Don’t let the chaos hold you back: pass it off to someone who actually enjoys solving technical puzzles!!

Packages start at $1500 monthly

"This is exactly what I need!"

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