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Prior to working with Lisa, my business was chaotic. My Social Media was ineffective and unfocused. Several business coaches I interacted with all stated that I needed to get my website and social media functional. I was additional encouraged to write blogs and market my firm on the various social media sites. I had no idea what I was doing. Lisa knew exactly what I needed.  When I spoke to Lisa initially, she was extremely confident in her abilities, she was quick to access my situation and came to the table with an effective and efficient game plan. My experiences working with Lisa continue. No matter what my goal or objective is, Lisa has the ability to take the project and deliver. She surpasses my expectations every time. Since Lisa has begun, 10 months ago, my firm has grown by approximately 40%. The growth was so incredible, I was forced to hire 3 individuals to help me with the workload.  I recommend Lisa to everyone of my clients that are serious about taking their business to the next level. I tell my clients where I was and the incredible growth and expansion that I have seen since working with Lisa. I consistently pick-up quality clients each week. My firm has grown by 40%. My 2018 growth projections show I am on target to double the size of my firm again in 2018. I consider Lisa as my firms greatest asset. She has continually delivered and beat all of my expectations. Working with Lisa is fun. She has an uncanny ability to save me from myself. I have learned to trust her instincts and here approach. She is professional yet very enjoyable in her interactions. She is humorous, witty and incredible smart. Great at her craft.

Lisa Gale

Lisa helps small businesses owners improve their online presence and visibility to attract new clients. She develops systems and processes to improve digital marketing efforts and help entrepreneurs reach their business goals. Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session here.

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