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AnnetteSloan_croppedLisa has greatly exceeded my expectations as a virtual assistant! She is everything you want in an assistant – extremely organized, detail-oriented, friendly, and efficient. I started with two main tasks I wanted Lisa to help me with: creating posts for my Facebook page and creating images for my blogs and posting them on my website. On FB, I’m impressed with how committed she is to creating posts (or finding things to share) that are 100% in alignment with my brand. If something doesn’t work, she is fine with me telling her that and is quick to offer other ideas. Since it was immediately obvious how good Lisa is at what she does, it didn’t take me long at all to start asking her to help me with other things as well. She optimized my website for SEO and helped with various other website improvements. She not only really knows her stuff, but she cares about my business! I plan to continue to expand the tasks that Lisa helps me with as I can afford it (assuming she’s up for it!) as it’s hard to imagine anyone who could do it better. I highly recommend Lisa for all of your VA needs!

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