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The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soulWhen you have lived in Africa your entire life, the global way of doing things is scary and sometimes appear a little insane. So when I moved from SA to New Zealand leaving behind my assistant, I was more than a little dubious of this thing called a Virtual Assistant. Yet I knew that I needed support, someone who understood the coaching industry and systems needed. I finally plucked up my courage and posted a request for referrals on FB and immediately I was introduced to Lisa Gale.

Within one week Lisa proved her competence, passion and reliability beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, I simply cannot see my business continue to grow without Lisa!

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who requires quality support in their business. Her creativity combined with practicality makes her the perfect right-hand woman when you need someone who ‘gets’ you and your business requirements.

Don’t hesitate! Book her consulting call.

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