Our spa business website was in need of a facelift and Lisa was amazing in helping us create exactly what we were looking for! I feel our new website has us more organized, clients can easily navigate through it & it has already helped us in generating more business! Lisa is amazing to work with and so glad we found her! We will definitely be using her services again!

Patti Digh WIDL bio picFinding Lisa Gale has been a godsend for me. She is not only organized, thorough, and intuitive, she is steps ahead of me in terms of what needs to get done, and her suggestions are always right on target. My business systems have never run so smoothly, and I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting an assistant with whom to partner for optimal business results. Your stress level will thank you.

Patti DighAuthor of 8 books about global diversityPatti Digh

The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soulWhen you have lived in Africa your entire life, the global way of doing things is scary and sometimes appear a little insane. So when I moved from SA to New Zealand leaving behind my assistant, I was more than a little dubious of this thing called a Virtual Assistant. Yet I knew that I needed support, someone who understood the coaching industry and systems needed. I finally plucked up my courage and posted a request for referrals on FB and immediately I was introduced to Lisa Gale.

Within one week Lisa proved her competence, passion and reliability beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, I simply cannot see my business continue to grow without Lisa!

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who requires quality support in their business. Her creativity combined with practicality makes her the perfect right-hand woman when you need someone who ‘gets’ you and your business requirements.

Don’t hesitate! Book her consulting call.

AnnetteSloan_croppedLisa has greatly exceeded my expectations as a virtual assistant! She is everything you want in an assistant – extremely organized, detail-oriented, friendly, and efficient. I started with two main tasks I wanted Lisa to help me with: creating posts for my Facebook page and creating images for my blogs and posting them on my website. On FB, I’m impressed with how committed she is to creating posts (or finding things to share) that are 100% in alignment with my brand. If something doesn’t work, she is fine with me telling her that and is quick to offer other ideas. Since it was immediately obvious how good Lisa is at what she does, it didn’t take me long at all to start asking her to help me with other things as well. She optimized my website for SEO and helped with various other website improvements. She not only really knows her stuff, but she cares about my business! I plan to continue to expand the tasks that Lisa helps me with as I can afford it (assuming she’s up for it!) as it’s hard to imagine anyone who could do it better. I highly recommend Lisa for all of your VA needs!

IMG_2187Thank you! It worked. You’re amazing. Really, for me to have someone in my life that is equipped to know these little details, equates to nothing short of amazing. Thank you.

Laurel MulhollandTherapy & Coaching

Recently I had the privilege of working with Lisa Gale for a huge fundraiser for a 501 (c)(3). I found her ability to disseminate vital information in a timely manner astounding. Lisa knows how to think out of the box and her work never disappoints. I look forward to working with Lisa again in the very near future.

Jeanie HannamanTyler, TX

Lisa’s responsive approach, knowledge and customer service were top notch! My business was moving full-speed-ahead, and Lisa was there to make sure things progressed and nothing fell through the cracks. I now have a mobile-responsive website and document processes that I desperately needed – thanks to Lisa! I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again!

Jodie MarzettOwnerThe Marzett Group

Lisa did a fantastic job with our farmers market web site! She not only made it look professional, she kept it current and responded with any changes quickly and efficiently. She had wonderful ideas that we never would’ve thought of and helped tweak our ideas to make them even better and more effective. She was not only fun to work with, but gave us valuable insight. Without her help, our market wouldn’t have enjoyed the amazing success that it did! We just adore her!

Deb F.Farmer

Lisa Gale has been a lifesaver for our Farmer’s Market. I cannot tell you how many compliments we have had on our website. She always makes sure it is current during regular season and keeps us informed on the details. She is a joy to work with, always upbeat and positive. We consider her to be one of our biggest assets.

Lisa M. Gale was my top executive assistant for a number of years at a major metropolitan engineering firm. The workload there was always high-pressure and demanding. Everything she did had to be error-free, because in that environment even a small mistake could cost millions of dollars. She never failed us. No matter how difficult the task, we never found anything she couldn’t handle. Lisa M. Gale was not only the finest assistant I ever had, she was the best in the entire company. I give her my highest possible recommendation.

H. C. LangelanProf LS (Ret)Washington, DC